Don't understand that contract? Stressing it?

Arm yourself with knowledge and be stress-free. You will sign your next contract with confidence! Our review of that contract breaks down the fine print and legal mumbo jumbo for you.

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What We Do

ReviewContract will review each paragraph of your contract and explain it in plain language. We will also break down and explain the fine print and legal mumbo jumbo lawyers use. Finally, you will understand the pros and cons of each paragraph of your contract prior to signing. Armed with this knowledge and understanding, you will be able to make informed choices and decisions prior to signing your next contract.


All Communications are Confidential

All communications between you and ReviewContract are strictly confidential and shall never be disclosed to anyone for any reason whatsoever. ReviewContract understands that your dealings and your business are extremely important to you. This is why we guarantee our strictest adherence to confidentiality for you and our communications with you.


Technology--Instant Collaboration

Using the power of technology and the Internet, you and ReviewContract will collaborate in real-time while reviewing line-by-line and paragraph-by-paragraph your next contract. And...once the meeting has ended, you will have immediate access to a secure video replay of the meeting in case you need to review something discussed.


100% Support & Satisfaction

ReviewContract will provide you with the support you need to understand your contracts so that you can confidently sign them. We commit to providing you with the highest level of support to your satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, we will not hide from you. We will address your concerns fairly and swiftly. This is our satisfaction commitment.